Our Farm

The Life of Riley Ranch is located outside of Kalispell, MT, towards Kila.  

We are a hobby farm on just over 10 acres, and we raise ADGA dairt goats, AKC labs, Beef, Pork, and riding horses.

Unfortunately, we cannot make a living on our small farm, so Doug works full time supporting our family and farm in IT at Kalispell Regional Healthcare. He works tirelessly for the organization, even when it is a thankless job, and then comes home to enjoy his family and farm where he can “de-stress”.

We are a family who works hard together, whether it is mucking out stalls, stacking hay, hauling wood, caring for animals, working in the garden, processing milk from the Dairy Goats, or playing badminton or volleyball or Capture the Flag in the woods! We all enjoy music, and spend many evenings playing and singing together.

We homeschool here, with the help of DVD’s and family, and really enjoy homeschooling, though it is challenging. We have a pretty rigorous school schedule, and really work hard to stick with it, though farm life does occasionally interfere – but then it is usually a great educational experience, from delivering goat babies to putting out fires to freeing stuck horses to catching pigs in the flower beds to chasing loose cows and then repairing the broken fences!




We  welcomed Dean and Noelle’s first baby “David” October 26th 2013, and now we are excitedly expecting their second in April!  Praise the Lord for the new life He gives.  We are all so excited!

The animals

  1. We have many animals here on the Life of Riley Ranch. The goats are a big focus here. We are involved in 4H with the goats, and enter several fairs each year, showing the Dairy Goats. Our Dairy Goats are the breed called the Oberhasli. Oberhaslis originate in Switzerland. They are a lovely medium sized goat that are bay colored with black legs, belly, backs,  and face markings.  Check out our goat page for more details.
  2. The other animals we have here are the dogs (see dog page), horses (see horse page), cows (see cow page), pigs (see pig page), and miscellaneous cats, ducks, turkeys, and chickens.

The Garden

  • Each year we put in a large garden. We try to put it in the first week or two of May, but the weather does not always cooperate! We plant corn, carrots, lettuce (head and leaf), radishes, LOTS of beans and LOTS of potatoes, onions, zucchini, cucumber, pumpkins, and the occasional sunflowers. Grandpa, who is the Master Gardener around here, plants and grows tomatoes in the hot house, as in this part of the country we don’t have much luck with them outside.
  • We do the planting as a family, and Doug tries to do most of the heavy plowing/tilling of the garden and does some weeding when he can. Grandpa Riley does most of the weeding, though we are having the girls help with more and more of that. Tina, the girls, and Grandma Riley can or freeze as much produce as possible, and we enjoy it all year long.